Epicenter is a San Francisco based contemporary jazz group led by saxophonist Bruce Mishkit. To date, we have released three CD's of original compositions. If you would like to listen to our music, please click on the "Listen to Music" tab and choose a CD. All tracks are the full unedited version of the song. If you would like to support our creative endeavor, please purchase a copy or two of our CD's. Not only will you be helping us recoup some of our production costs, but you will also make us feel good!

The personnel on each recording varies. Below are the musicians who have contributed their incredible talent and compositions to each CD project.

Bruce Mishkit - woodwinds
Jon Herbst - piano
Andy Dillard - drums
Jeff Neighbor, Terry Miller, Jan Martinelli - bass,
Greg Reginato, Lorn Leber - guitar
Kenneth Nash, Karl Perazzo, Michaelle Goerlitz - Percussion

"...….a wonderful collection of compositions with a wide variety of colors and
moods. There is a lot to choose from for any listener's taste."
David Liebman